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Becometh as a Child

The Message

WE ALL ENCOUNTER CHALLENGES IN LIFE. Some of these challenges can have lasting effects and leave you feeling like you can’t function spiritually or emotionally. Abuse, heartache, mental illness, and anxiety afflict people all over the world on a daily basis, but there is a way you can overcome the scars they leave behind and build a better legacy for the generations to come. BECOMETH AS A CHILD: A Guide to Healing Emotionally, Growing Spiritually, and Experiencing a Change of Heart, by Lowell K. Oswald, PhD, and John Waterbury, LPC, discusses the characteristics and realities of long-term emotional damage and offers hope and healing for overcoming past pain. Inside, you’ll find topics such as
  • The purpose of pain
  • Trusting yourself
  • How to remember your divine worth
  • The power of perception
  • Obtaining peace of mind
LEARN TO SEE LIFE WITH A CLEAR AND HEALTHY PERSPECTIVE as you identify the source of your own emotional patterns and make constructive changes for a better, more balanced life.