Background on the Book

Becometh as a Child was written to assist individuals who may be struggling to overcome the consequences of abuse, mental illness, or other persistent life challenges. It combines one author’s perspective growing up in a troubled family with the other author’s insights working with those who have, directly or indirectly, experienced these challenges. The book identifies ways to heal emotionally and grow spiritually. It helps us understand how to replace fear with love and experience a change of heart as we humble ourselves, exercise faith and patience, and submit to God’s will.
Becometh as a Child provides life-management insights and guiding principles for individuals working through the recovery process. It helps promote a new beginning by clarifying correct principles and by inspiring hope in those who struggle to overcome unhealthy patterns of behavior. By openly discussing these issues and breaking free from the culture of secrecy, we allow individuals who silently suffer to begin to heal and progress spiritually. Such openness is not about “airing dirty laundry.” It’s about reaching out to those who desperately need our help and support in managing these challenges.

Hope is available for those struggling to overcome unhealthy patterns of behavior that prevent them from healing emotionally and growing spiritually. As we follow a path that includes being obedient to God, and seeking out and obtaining support from caring individuals, we discover we are not alone in our struggles. We will come to know for ourselves that a loving Heavenly Father is mindful of our needs. And in His own way and time, He will lighten our burdens and lift us out of the darkness of fear and despair into the glorious light of truth, where we will have a greater comprehension of things as they really are and a greater understanding of correct principles.